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Hampshire Schools courses fully booked!!

Vicky & Nicky directors of First Aid Angels are amazed and delighted by the response they have had to their 2 hour parents first aid courses for Hampshire schools.

Considering a majority of schools did not go back until Monday 7th of September by 10:30 am of that date all the 14 courses were booked.

We are now looking at adding additional dates in the new year so more schools can benefit.

We look forward to meeting all the parents on the upcoming courses.


The Angels Team

Andover Advertiser Write up Aug 09

Taking first aid to schools

A FIRST aid company is offering courses to parents and young people after winning a contract to go into schools and teach first aid skills.

Picture of the First Aid Angels

First Aid Angels, created by Nicky Bates and Vicky Foster, offers courses to companies and individuals, and has now decided to offer it to parents and youngsters as well.

Nicky, from Andover, and Vicky, from Basingstoke, have 30 years’ experience in the nursing industry between them including time working in the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester and teaching students in Southampton University.

“It’s a life skill everyone should know and no one is taught nowadays,” said Vicky.

“Things can happen every day, especially with children, and it’s vital parents know how to deal with it.”

Nicky added: “We’re trying to tap into every market that needs first aid training because everyone really should know what to do in an emergency.

“If we can teach young people as well then great because it isn’t just adults who need to know.”

The contract will see First Aid Angels take the course into schools to enable them to teach as many people as possible.

The course, compiled by the two women, can also be taught in people’s own homes, offices or in the company’s training centre in Basingstoke.

First Aid Angels like to teach four to six people at a time and the course includes training in CPR, severe allergic reactions, choking and the recovery position.

Regulatory changes to first aid training

coming soon…

Under current legislation, anyone appointed by an employer to carry out the role of first aider in the workplace for the purposes of regulation 3(2) needs to have recognised training qualifications approved by the Health and Safety Executive.

This is shortly about to undergo a small but significant change.

What’s the change?

Starting from 1 October 2009, The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is introducing new arrangements to the first aid training regime.

The new arrangements will provide that, to comply with regulation 3(2) (a), first aiders provided by an employer in the workplace must hold a certificate of competence in either:

  • First aid at work (FAW), reduced from a four-day to a three-day course, issued by a training organisation approved by HSE;


  • Emergency first aid at work (EFAW), a one-day course, issued by a training organisation approved by HSE or a recognised Awarding Body of Ofqual/ Scottish Qualifications Authority eligible to award an accredited qualification in EFAW applying a training standard set by HSE.

As HSE approved providers of first aid training in the workplace, First Aid Angels will get automatic approval to run the new FAW and EFAW courses.

This means that a smooth and seamless transition will take place and will have no effect on either our new or existing customers. So it’ll simply be ‘business as usual’ for First Aid Angels Vicky and Nicky.

See more information on our First Aid Training courses.

If you have any questions regarding this new legislation, please contact First Aid Angels now or telephone 07500 334 304 or 07917 692 554.