CPR & AED Saves Footballer Fabrice Muamba

The Bolton footballer Fabrice Muamba had a cardiac arrest whilst playing football but survived due to immediate CPR and the use of an AED.
This highlights the need for everyone to learn how to administer first aid. The Sun launched its love heart campaign, to get basic life-saving skills taught in schools across the UK. The ‘Love Heart’ campaign reinforces the message following the recent advert featuring Vinnie Jones. ‘Hard and Fast’ the hands only method of course is not the comprehensive way to perform CPR but simply gives the general public an idea. The message intended is to give someone the confidence to ’step up and have a go’ should they be faced with a person suffering a cardiac arrest.
So please consider this - An AED is £1000 but a life is priceless !
Please ask your workplace or child’s school to buy an AED and ask them to train everyone in CPR - It could save a life.
First Aid Angels can offer CPR and AED training for you- lets help to save lives.