Qualsafe Awards Quality Assurance Visit 2015

We recently had our annual External Quality Assurance Visit to ensure we are continuously delivering the quality training that is expected for a Qualsafe Awards approved centre.
This is what the report said:
“The centre has excellent communication with all training staff and I am confident that this centre will continue to maintain the high standards of communication and standardisation demanded by Vicky.
The Trainer observed delivering the training in a relaxed and when appropriate comedic style.
His personal experience of various first aid situations was used to supplement the course content.
The style of delivery immediately put the learners at ease; he answered all questions from the learners correctly and in line with current medical opinion.
The support during the practical sessions was excellent with the trainer remaining in the background and only getting involved with the practice when necessary.”

We are very proud to have another super report- Well done to our trainers and thank you for your support.